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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Approaching Critical Mass

Happy (belated) Holy Days!

Week 36 has commenced, which means that we are quickly reaching full-term status. And now that our little beastie could be here anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now, Herr Fritz and I are in full baby preparations. Today we made our first actual purchases...something I've been looking forward to for a while now. I indulged in a cute organic cotton baby outfit with owls on it while Fritz was excited about our new baby harness (he said a "hippie sling" was okay for me but he needs something more manly). We also acquired a baby potty (with baby Ganesha on it) and, of course, the all-essential ukelele.

Baby is in head down position and ready for showtime. As for me, I'm feeling remarkably good considering I am the size of a baby elephant. My belly measured 104 cm (~41 in) on Monday. Holy shit. And I'm having some trouble sleeping. But my blood pressure is low and I'm not swelling, which makes me a Happy Camper. My only complaint is the single sharp pain in the middle of my back. And the fact that elephant size is remarkably inconvenient; Fritz has to help me put on my shoes, stand up, walk, etc. etc.

Call it hormones, but Domestic Bliss is in full swing and both Fritz and I are in Nesting Mode. I've been busy cooking and organizing while Fritz has set up our new office. And we've been shopping for some comfortable chairs...mama will be here in a few weeks and we decided it's time to own some.

Unfortunately, domestic life is none too exciting so there's not much to share. Last year I was bathing with 6,000 Indians or meditating 10+ hours a day without food. This year I'm organizing the closets so all the clothes face in the same direction.

Regarding my blague, I guess updates will hereafter be few and far between. I am completely absorbed by impending motherhood and my desire to write has virtually disappeared. Not to worry, though, I will be sure to post an update when the latest addition makes his/her grand entrance...we are so excited about welcoming our little baby to this brave new world!

Life is good and God is great,
Om Narayana,


Blogger Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you - CB: I miss you and think of you often. I'm so, so happy for you - how exciting!! 2010 was a very rough year for us. Mark was laid off and lost his medical insurance - shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer and is going through radiation right now. I am glad it is a new year and have high hopes of it being a great one. Enjoy being a mommy - sounds like you are having fun preparing. Are you having a boy or a girl? I wish you were closer and I miss all of our fun times we had. Please keep in touch. Do you have an e-mail address? Mine is Love you tons!! Lots of Hugs to you!! Love, D, Mark & Sagey!! Please send my best to your Mom & Hunky Dad!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm awaiting the arrival of your little one with great excitement. Sending my love and a big hug.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all awaiting this blessed event. Whatever this baby is, it will have love and prayers coming from all over the world. Can't wait...; ) Take it easy and know you are loved a lot!
Your GGM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a new life means a new born mother with a new top view at her own world.
take care not to overwhelm it with your love, and it will love you back more then you could ask for.
welcome, little child.
welcome, little mommy.
i hope your little child will grow up in freedom!

the saxon


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