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Friday, March 06, 2009

A Baby in Rishikesh

Full days of full power, except in the internets. I send just a signal of my being...

I am more or less comfortable in my room at the ashram. It's the same as it always was, with the same bucket baths and insects. It's a bit like camping - yoga camp. I have only one rule: daily morning meditation, and I aim only for regularity in practice. Everything else is optional.

I see clearly that I am a baby in this place. "Born" at 30 years old, I am now learning to walk. THere are many things coming and this decade is about building a very strong foundation, that I may prepare myself for those things to come.

I also learn to walk quite literally, with hikes up into the surrounding mountains to temples and caves. One was four hours up to a most magnificent view of the Himalayas.

I am practicing asana again, playing my guitar and singing songs from all over the world. I am finally applying myself to Hindi and the lines of communication with the local Indian community are opening up. I am learning also to breathe (it's a useful skill for things like meditation and walking!) and eating wonderfully cooked Indian food everyday...yes, yes. My soul is slowly making it's place.

Will all my love and best wishes,

PS Holi Day is coming, on the full moon, March 11! Full colors coming!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Quick Check-In

The good news is that everything is going wonderfully well. In fact, some days ago I spent three or four hours writing all about it specifically for this blague, but come to find out that the computer access here is much less convenient than I remember, and I have been unable to transfer the file from my micro hard drive to the internets.

THis year I am more technologically advanced than I was last year. But already I see I will need to further refine my technology strategy....ahhhh, live and learn.

So now I have only a few moments to say so much...

About Shivaratri, one of the biggest holidays in India, celebrating the marriage or Lord Shiva and resulting in tens of thousands of Indian pilgrims from all over marching day and night through the streets of Rishikesh chanting "bom bom bhole," some of them crawling on their hands and knees.

Now it is the International Yoga Festival and the streets are filled with western "yoga heads." Part of living here is finding creative ways to mitigate the madness. Yesterday we did just that with a nearly five hours hike up the mountain to Kunjapuri Temple. It was challenging, but well-rewarded with a stunning view of the Himalaya.

Get ready, Cristina, I've got Himalaya on the mind and a pilgrimage to the origin of Ganges - if we can survive the Indian Bus Ride From Hell - seems like the perfect place to start..hee hee hee.

Already I must go. The internet shop flies are starting to disturb my inner peace. I send my love to you all and I regret that I cannot write to everyone individually at this are in my heart no matter what.

with big, Mexican-style hugs,