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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just home from the temple.

Slowly getting used to the barbaric car seat.

On a picnic overlooking our village.

Yesterday was the end of baby Mo’s eighth week and we celebrated the milestone with a baby blessing at the local Hindu temple. The entire family gathered for what turned out to be a lovely puja experience. Mo made it through the important parts and cried through the rest. Afterward we enjoyed some traditional Indian foodstuffs including rice, vada (spicy fried things) and sweet balls of something I was unable to identify.

I was proud of our little munchkin because the temple ceremony was 100% authentic, which meant plenty of incense, loud bells (the louder the better), hard cement floors and stifling heat. Fritz and I had such a good time that we’ve decided to become regulars. We even made friends with a couple from Madras who speak English (and no German). Fritz invited them over for chai.

In retrospect, the first week of Mo’s life was a breeze. She slept all the time and she was so tiny that her tiny little poos seemed cute. But soon she began to realize where she was and she was none too pleased. Her digestive system seemed to function poorly and she cried a lot from what I think was gas pain. Fritz and I spent long hours trying to soothe her. Perhaps for karmic reasons, she only likes to listen to Heintje. If you are not German and don't know who Heintje is, count yourself lucky and don't ask too many questions.

By five weeks her gas pains ceased and she began to sleep quite a lot at night, even chilling out with us in bed until 9am...and her first morning hours are the cutest; she's in a good mood, smiling at us and trying to talk. She follows me around the room and seems interested in my clothes when I am dressing.

She is quite a lot of work, though, as everyone has always maintained. She likes to be held at all times and sleeps only when accompanied by a warm body, preferably mine. She enjoys complaining and when she is overly tired, the only thing that calms her is a walk outside. Apparently, she looks just like her father, but behaves more like her mother.

But she is so cute I just can’t stand it! And getting cuter and cuter all the time... I just adore her little feet, her sneezes, the way she stretches up her arms when she’s just waking up… everyone is right, it’s the best, most unique experience ever. (That said, we are thinking that one is enough.)

Baby will be up soon and complaining. Pictures from the temple puja will come soon I’m sure, but as I didn’t take any myself, I leave you only with a few other recent shots.

Hari Om and wishing the best for everyone!



Blogger Lisa said...

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Blogger Lisa said...

She is precious. So happy for you and Fritz. I am still amazed you are a mommy! Love you tins

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little Mo is the most alert looking baby I have ever seen...Mama is beyond happy, and it shows. Papa is delighted as well.
This little family does a lot for my old heart. Keep posting as she becomes...
Love Grandma

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the updates. More please!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear DM/Lola
I was looking through Rishikesh things on the internet and I came across your blog and of course recognized your picture.
How beautiful a child you have. I also really enjoy reading your blog for your honesty and openess, especially about the existential western mind.
I wish I would have spent more time getting to know you at Ravi's chai shop rather than being quite distant.
Ravi and I have a baby now 16 months and beautiful. However Ravi and I are apart, across the world. Ananda has been back to Rishikesh twice and hopefully every year to balance out her west/east learning.

Om Shanti, Christine/Tara


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