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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I'm celebrating the birth of Christ this year with a little bit of silence. That's right, it's Vipassana Time. Vipassana is an intense meditation retreat you can do anywhere in the it if you're curious. I'm checking in this afternoon,

Sending love and best wishes during this auspicious Holiday Season,


Monday, December 14, 2009

Turning Up the Resolution

God does not want me to write right now. I know this because shortly after I reunited with my computer, it was mercilessly zapped to death in a sudden power surge. During the course of a day that felt like a week, I managed to process the loss (1st hour), mourn the loss (6th hour), and finally, accept the loss (24th hour). Then - in classic Rishikesh style - it came inexplicably back to life.

India means learning to accept the inexplicable.

The next day I started again to write with great fervor. Within an hour, my computer leapt from my bed and landed on the floor, its battery skidding across the room. I put the computer away.

. . . . .

As is wont to occur from time to time, there is a marriage ceremony taking place in the large field just behind our building. The sounds of beating drums and a bagpipe-like instrument reverberate throughout my small, simple room at the normally quiet Gita Ashram. I'm mildly annoyed, what with silence being such a wonderful thing and all. But sleep is not an option at this moment, so instead I am cuddled up next to my beloved heater, - thank you, Rainer! - writing about the pounding drums outside my window.

Failure to escape is one of the emerging themes in these Days of Reconaissance. That's right, I'm deep in the process of synthesis, a.k.a. my favorite phase of the never-ending learning cycle.

Like a pinata that has finally been beaten to shreds, all my bits and details are scattered on the ground in broad daylight. One bit in particular stands out like a full-size chocolate bar: I have finally run out of places to escape. It's simple enough really, I tried them all and they didn't work.

So now I can stop trying, which is great, because I'm tired.

For better or worse, I propel myself headlong into the learning process with gusto. Now or never is my mantra; trial and error my methodology. The last six months have been chock-full of trials and errors.

But now is not the time for writing, making decisions or thinking about the future. Now is the time to wash my underwear. And breathe.

If you have an extra thirty seconds, do yourself a favor. Altogether now: sit up straight, relax your shoulders and take a few slow, deep breaths, each one slightly longer and deeper than the last. Ahhh, that's life coming back, it is.

I'm resigning myself to the will of the universe and will not return to this blague until after the new year. Until next time, everyone...may 2010 commence with peace, harmony and, for those comrades back home, a great bottle of California Red.

With best wishes from Spiritual Disneyland,