Lola Bites Back: And Other Inspirational Tidbits

Location: Bissingen an der Teck, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

Laughing all the way...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Der Weg ist das Ziel

Greetings from Deutschland: The land of wonderfully efficient German peoples and deliciously healthy beers!

My holiday has been a remarkable ride from the first. Unfortunately, I have only a moment to check in as internet cafes are generally out of the gypsy budget..

I am pleased to announce my general findings that Germans are kind-hearted, generous, open-minded people who know how to make lovely wine, speak English and enjoy quality food! Indeed, I've been consuming ample quantities of all the five food groups: cheese, bread, chocolate, wine and beer.

I've visited a few places now, from Neustadt to Heilbronn to Freiberg, to Strasbourg (France), Zürich and Luzern (Switzerland), as well as Kirschheim (home of Reiki Master Dan) and Nürtingen (where I stayed in a strange hippie-commune, slept in a bed with a dog twice my size, went dumpster-diving in the dead of night and had a bath in the front yard!)

The juxtaposition of India and Germany has stimulated a whole new realm of thinking in my busy little head...I wish I could share more of my adventures in some detail, alas, it will have to wait.

Today morning I hitch hiked with my 27 guardian angels to Frankfurt, where I will visit with my dear friend Rainer for a day or two and then I'm headed North to Berlin. If I make it (hitch hiking), I've decided to turn my hairs green! Wish me luck!


PS: For the record, Germans do NOT drink their beer warm!