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Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Thing Is Clear...I'm Home!

All the usual suspects were here waiting for me...ready to pick me up, dust me off, and start singing Barjan again! My glow is back and the best part of my spirit is soaring once again..

Two days and already I have enough stories to fill ten pages...but instead I think I will head outside, feed a cow and revel in the magical sunset over Ganga.

all my love,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

There Is No Grass Where I’m Going

I’ve had enough of this whole "pacific time" thing. In fact, it's just about all I can take!! I know what you’re thinking – I’m intolerant, I’m just running away, lah lah lah, blah, blah, blah – but for whatever reason, pacific standard time just doesn’t work for me. It’s unnatural and impractical and that’s why I’m leaving.

The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

My visit home has been a decidedly successful one. I often devolve into a scatter-brained nightmare when I’m here, and this visit is no exception. But my connections with friends and family were solid and there were no harrowing blow-ups.

I even managed to get my parents to try some simple stretches (“stretching” is a useful euphemism for Yogasana). I thought mama was in bad shape when she struggled with some simple poses, but dad shocked me when he complained about all the pain in his neck and he was only lying down in shavasana (aka “corpse pose”).

As I spend more and more time away, I start to really value the face-to-face moments. Nothing can quite replace the understanding you get from standing right in front of someone you love, looking in their eyes.

You can be anything you want in electronic communications, but you're an open book when you're sharing space. What a gift to be able to come here and share space with my family, even if it's only for a short while and even if we’re all stiff, scatter-brained messes!

God DID Bless America, So We Can Stop Asking Now

Americans are leading the pack in the race to conquer space, which is great news because I’ve been wanting to transmogrify for years (disintegrate in one place and re-assimilate in another, à la “Beam me up, Scotty!”). How great would life be if we could just beam ourselves anywhere in an instant; to work, the market, the beach, the boulangerie!

I drove a car almost continually for twelve years and feel a huge portion of my life was squandered in traffic with only the mindless blather on the radio to soothe me (i.e. program me to shop). But I digress...

Can you believe what this whole pacific time thing is doing to me?!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!

Anyway, I have full confidence that the Americans will handle this one, it's just a matter of time (which we already conquered!). And until they figure out how to transmogrify, I'll just have to settle for old-fashioned email. So, "see" you there?

Goodnight all. Peace be with all of us. And for the love of God, get on the floor and stretch yourselves! Don’t let your body atrophy! (You know who I'm talking about...)

still keeping hope alive,