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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life is Like a Party, and Parties Weren’t Meant to Last

The arrival of a new year is a convenient time to take stock of the party, and, well, I’m officially calling last round at this all-nighter…

Being home is always a challenging time for me, with plenty of emotional ups and downs as I navigate what seems a labyrinth of fears and hopes alongside my close family members. This is my third visit home during the last year and each time I make new progress. I’m going to call it one of my more significant accomplishments for 2008.

Articulation comes with time and perspective, so for now I’ll just say that my heart goes out to those people here slogging their way through the endless and overwhelming barrage of commercialized life. It’s a daily battle that leaves most people too drained to even just relax, let alone think of a way out…I look around at what our society has become and I am mostly just sad. Capitalism, commercialism, or whatever you want to call it has completely overwhelmed every other value.

On the other hand, one side-effect of my recent forays into colder climes is my ability to delight in the fabulous, world-famous-for-a-reason, So Cal weather! It has been absolutely gorgeous in the last days and I’m basking in the delicious winter desert weather, with chilly nights (7 C/45 F last night) and warm, sun-shiny, see-forever days...

One quick concession for all my peeps in Montréal (a.k.a. la bande du boudoir); it seems I overstated the case a bit when I told you I would be sunbathing here in sunny So’s actually too cold for that. That said, I see it’s minus 9 degrees (16 F) with something called “drifting snow” out there right now. I’m not sure what it means exactly but hang in ‘cause it shouldn’t last more than a couple more months...


Although I am currently consumed by a transition tornado, please know that my inspirations – at times clouded and muddied by toxic mind and environment – live on. My spirit has struggled to shine in the last year, but it is still there, preparing to take the reins once more…stronger, wiser, and ready for the next round.

love and best wishes for this promising new year,
à la prochaine,