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Friday, September 15, 2006

DC's Hidden Dangers

Today I saved an older lady from herself. She was wandering around a freshly painted stairwell for god knows how long, tugging uselessly on successively locked stairwell doors and apparently starting to panic. When I opened the door, she nearly collapsed she was so grateful. She was looking for the beauty salon next door and had somehow gone off-track. I immediately related to her predicament and helped her to the elevator. I pushed the button for the lobby and sent her on her way, wondering in my head if maybe she was dehydrated. She was still frantically thanking me as the elevator doors closed. Dehydration is a grave danger for many.

When I’m not rescuing little ladies from their predicaments, I am usually disassociated from myself. And that is why I disappear for months on end. La lucha sigue, pero la fuerza no.