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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Evolution: It’s Not Too Shabby

Some news: after nearly five months of goofing around and loving it, I have finally rejoined the world of work.

There was something surreal about living in the fine metropolis of DC without a designated ass to kiss. Wandering around DC during daylight hours, I noticed a very different demographic. Gone were the angry angry anglos and metro monkeys, replaced instead with unsmiling Hispanic ladies pushing little white toddlers around in Cadillac strollers. I’m not sure which is worse. Okay okay, the angry anglos are definitely worse, but I digress.

Let me tell you about my latest incarnation. In my new role, I am required to make tough decisions every day, such as:

Waffles or pancakes for breakfast?
Should I take a shower?
Which pair of jeans should I wear?
Santana or Manu Chao in my office?
What should I make my intern do?
Where should I go for lunch?

I don’t want to sound too self-satisfied, but I really have nothing bad to say about this whole situation. I take my time in the morning, ride my trusty bike to work (five minutes), arrive “around” noon, plus or minus an hour, work alone in my own office, and otherwise do my own thing. No white asses to kiss, no titles to memorize, no step n’ fetch it…and absolutely best of all, no bad karma!

So how does one celebrate such good fortune? Why, a vacation in Mexico, of course! Vince and I are headed to Mexico City a week from tomorrow for eleven days…as I’ve mentioned before, the south beckons and my gut is listening. It will be Vince’s first time in the interior of Mexique, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine. The boy eats like a horse, and my tias are going to love feeding him (He groans while he eats. Just can’t shovel it in fast enough. It’s almost revolting, to tell you the truth).

Ahh yes. Then it’s back to the grind just in time for March to rear its head. Spring promises a slew of visitors, family and otherwise, since they all seem attracted by the cherry blossom thing. Personally, I’m not all that into cherry blossoms...

Ciao for now, kiddies!